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Birthday: 1978-02-14
Place of Birth: Heidelberg, Germany
Wiki Biography: Sandro Kopp was born 1978 in Heidelberg, Germany, of New Zealand and German descent. After graduating Abitur 1998, majoring in Fine Art and English, he spent a year of civil service working on a Jugendfarm with a.d.d-kids. In 2000, he moved to New Zealand, his mother's home country. Here he painted and exhibited, as well as teaching at an art school in Wellington. Besides painting, he has worked on a number of films as a featured extra, including The Lord of the Rings 3 as an elf and The Chronicles of Narnia as a centaur. Since 2004 he lives traveling and painting and spends a lot of time in Rome, Germany, New York, Scotland and New Zealand.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Julia Marcus 2008 Crime, Drama, Thriller