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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Beer Frankie Falcone 1985
Laws of Gravity Sal 1993 Drama
New Jersey Drive 1995 Comedy
Illtown Gunther 1996
Grind Jack 1997 Drama
No Way Home Brick 1997 Crime, Drama
Kiss Toledo Goodbye Anthony 2000 Comedy, Thriller
The Holy Land Mike 2001 Drama
Under the Influence Brian O'Dowd 2002
Bridget Dr. Lewis 2002 Drama
Two Family House 2002 Drama
WiseGirls 2002 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Open Water Seth 2004 Drama
The Ministers 2008
The Grasslands Ratchett 2012 Drama
Run Steward Nordon 2013 Action, Romance, Thriller
Thinking with Richard Richard 2013 Comedy