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Film title: Say Nothing
Language: English, Spanish
Plot: An ex-model, now a wife and mother, takes a break from her out-of-work husband, who's been surly and drinking heavily. She goes to a Miami resort for a couple of days where she meets a stranger with whom she has a 24-hour fling. She returns home to a renewed husband who has found a job and put aside the bottle. Turns out, he's been hired by the same man with whom she had the affair. She says nothing, and little by little, the boss drives a wedge between the couple, playing one against the other. Soon she and her husband are separated and in a custody battle. Will they come to their senses and realize who is manipulating them? What if he stops at nothing?

Say Nothing Series
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Say Nothing Cast & Crew

Brooke Johnson
as Margo Loring
Jaymz Bee
as Concierge
Giuseppe Mercurio
as Restaurant Host
Samantha Espie
as Linda-Eds Secretary
Matt Gordon
as Tony Photographer
Sean MacMahon
as Dooley Griffin