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Birthday: 1988-08-01
Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany
Height: 5' 9¾" (1.77 m)
Wiki Biography: Scarlett Bruns started acting at the tender age of three in a local theatre in Berlin, Germany. After immigrating with her family to Vancouver, BC, Canada Scarlett attended a private performing arts school. Scarlett graduated after writing and presenting her thesis "Acting: The Difference between stage and screen, and it's effect on the audience and the actor" in front of the public, and her schools' faculty. Her passion for acting extended to film making in early years as she founded Bruns Family Productions at just 13 years old. Scarlett was a competitive swimmer for a number of years, and was on her schools volleyball, basketball, and ski teams.Despite acting at an early age Scarlett was 16 when she landed her first lead role in the independent film 'Living in Technicolor', which garnered massive attention at international film festivals. After appearing in Cannes Film Festival's magazine 'All Lights' in May 2012, featuring her project Heart of Dance (2013) which Scarlett wrote, produced and played the lead role in, her star has been on a steady upward trend. Literally and figuratively as her 'IMDb Star Meter' have been hanging out at a comfortable top 5000 since May 2012. Scarlett's 2013 is proving to be jam packed! From January - March Scarlett will be playing smart mouthed detective Natalie Costigan in the upcoming TV Series Pilot 'Tide Waters' shooting in Vancouver, BC. Pre-Productions for Scarlett's own project Heart of Dance (2013) is scheduled to start in late February and filming is projected to begin in July 2013. As the summer coms to a close Scarlett will be gearing up to play the lead role of Emma Carlton in the romantic comedy Lost Luck (2013) directed and produced by Norman Gerard. Lost Luck (2013) will be filming in Calgary, AB, Canada in October 2013.All the while Scarlett is also lending a helping hand to a number of indie projects in the Vancouver area such as the feature film 'Radio Daze' that she is acting in and helping kick start. Being in full time 'go' mode Scarlett has taken on work with the charity project Normal, where she is acting as guest speaker in high schools across North America to promote positive body image in teens, a topic she says is close to her heart and ties in well with her film Heart of Dance (2013). In addition to supporting independent film and charities Scarlett also donates her time to local low-budget projects like the TV Pilot 'Citizen' and local student films. Most Recently Scarlett has taken up residence as a modeling agent at BC agency JL Model Talent Management. Scarlett has a unique eye for scouting models as she is indirectly immersed in the modeling world through her younger sister, Sabrina Bella Bruns who is an international runway and print model.In January 2013 Scarlett, among others, spear headed the #SaveBCFilm movement PSA's. Scarlett cast, produced and coordinated a cast of close to 100 well known actors and respected film industry professionals who appeared in front of the camera to show their support for the industry and to educate the public on the benefits of having a thriving film industry in Vancouver.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
American Chainsaw Mandy 2012 Documentary
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Calling Nun 2010 Comedy, Drama
Closure Dr. Connor 2013 Thriller
Lost Luck Emma 2013 Romance
The Cover-Up Girl in line up 2014 Comedy
Heart of Dance Kealy Charmichael 2014 Drama, Family, Romance