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Film title: Scrape
Language: English
Plot: Barry Sagan is a pleasant man. He loves photography, scrapbooking, and doesn't have many friends. Mick Hedgeworth is obnoxious, loves explosions, and doesn't have many friends. Naturally, the two opposites make a great team. Renting a house from Barry, Mick and his wife Maggie are a happy couple raising their son Hunter. Life seems pretty swell, that is, until women in the area start going missing. Believing she has witnessed a murder by a masked monster, Maggie becomes paranoid and the Hedgeworth family begins to unravel. Who, or what, is this masked monster, and what will become of Barry and the Hedgeworth family?

Scrape Series
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Scrape Cast & Crew

Rick LaCour
as Barry Sagan
Garrett Kruithof
as Mick Hedgeworth
Nina Leon
as Maggie Hedgeworth
Alec Johnson
as Hunter Hedgeworth
Penny Harville
as Linda
Katie Walker
as Jeanie Simmons
Jena Waldron
as Ramona the Clubber
Heather Bloom
as Nicole the Jogger
Kaka Birmingham
as Barbara the Scrapbooker
Heather Tabor
as Molly the Waitress
Mallery Causey
as Kim the Hostess
Lemar Sain
as The Scraper
Mike Martindale
as Narrator
Donnie Pitchford
as Newscaster