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Film title: Scrooge in the Hood
Language: English
Plot: Charles Dickens' classic heart warming tale...not really. The Jewish mafia has decided to steal Scrooge's whoring business and ruin the holidays; all the while Scrooge is visited by the three ghosts of Christmas, who attempt to show him the errors of his greedy ways.

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Scrooge in the Hood Cast & Crew

George Raynor
as Scrooge
Tina Krause
as Sally
Seregon O'Dassey
as Ghost of Christmas Past
Peter Morse
as Abby
Bill Jacques
as Mr. Crotchrot
Todd Therrien
as Ghost of Christmas Present
Richard Chandler
as Ghost of Christmas Future
Alexander Hauck
as Tiny Tim
Jim Baker
as Mike the Russian
Allan Alexander
as Jacob Marley
Timothy J. Anders
as Big Mike
Lilith Astaroth
as Mistress Ivy