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Birthday: 1935-09-24
Place of Birth: Windsor, Ontario
Wiki Biography: With over 35 years of experience in film, television and theatre - not to mention parallel lives as a baseball scout, history buff and public speaker - Sean McCann is a bonafide, if somewhat reluctant, Canadian icon. The diffidence is due to the actor's innate humility, a tendency toward self-deprecation rather than self-aggrandisement, which, depending on your own personal point of view, is a blessing or a curse. For McCann, it's a bit of both. He has appeared in more than 150 feature films, cable television movies, television series and mini-series, qualifying his career as something of an oeuvre. In fact, he was honoured with the prestigious Earl Grey Award at the 1989 Gemini's, celebrating his entire body of work in television. This, more than 5 years before some of his most acclaimed undertakings. McCann can be seen in The Law of Enclosures, with Sarah Polley and Diane Ladd. He has appeared with Meryl Streep (First Do No Harm), Nick Nolte (Affliction) and Chris Farley (Tommy Boy). He's shared screen time with Brenda Fricker and Miranda Richardson in Swann (for which McCann received a Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role Genie nomination), Nicolas Cage in Trapped in Paradise, Kevin Bacon in The Air Up There, Sam Waterston in A House Divided, Peter Weller and Judy Davis in Naked Lunch (which garnered a National Film Critics Society award), Brooke Shields and the late Al Waxman in What Makes A Family, to name just a few. Over the years, McCann has been awarded considerable recognition from his peers. In 1999, he won a Gemini for Best Guest Actor in a Series for Power Play. In a testament to his chameleon acting talents, McCann was twice nominated for a Gemini award for Best Performance in a Pre-School Series, for 1999's beloved Noddy. McCann was singled out at the 1987 Gemini Awards with a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his recurring role in Night Heat. McCann also starred in Robert Lepage's Genie-award winning Possible Worlds, and appeared in the Golden Globe-nominated Small Sacrifices with Farrah Fawcett. In addition, McCann has worked with such legendary directors as Sidney Lumet, Ken Russel, David Green, Paul Schraeder and David Cronenberg. In 1988, he took on a role he speaks of most fondly - Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King in The King Chronicle. Directed by the renowned Canadian documentarian Donald Brittain, the mini-series was a 6-hour CBC and NFB co-production that aired to great popular and critical acclaim. One year later, McCann was to join the ranks of such celebrated performers as Lorne Green, Kate Reid and Gordon Pinsent, when he won the Earl Grey Award. McCann has always had a craving for diversity. He began his adult life with a singular devoutness uncommon to actors of his peer group, studying at St. Peter's Seminary in London, Ontario to prepare himself for the priesthood. But McCann's passions run wide and his gifts just as deep. As a student of history, politics and poetry, he has a library of well over 800 volumes of literature and letters devoted to both the high arts and popular culture. McCann indulges his not-so-secret love of baseball as an Associate Scout for the Toronto Blue Jays, speaks often about baseball to professional organisations, and was recently named to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. McCann has a unique civic-mindedness as well. He ran against one of the most recognizable figures on the Canadian political landscape, Roy McMurtry, in Ontario's 1979 provincial election. His showing in that race (he lost) confirmed acting as his primary metier, but did nothing to dampen his conviction that politicians and political institutions are accountable to the masses.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Baxters 1979 Comedy
Night Heat Lt. Jim Hogan 1985 - 1989
A House Divided 2000 Drama
Wedding Wars 2006 Comedy
RUN Marv 2013 Crime
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Flying 1986
Crazy Moon Anne's Father 1987 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Mindfield Rudy 1989 Thriller
Small Sacrifices 1989 Drama
Run Marv 1991 Action, Thriller, Drama
Naked Lunch O'Brien 1992 Drama
Guilty as Sin 1993 Crime, Drama, Thriller
The Neighbor Lieutenant Crow 1993 Thriller, Horror
The Air Up There Ray Fox 1994 Comedy, Family, Sport
Trapped in Paradise 1994 Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Tommy Boy 1995
Iron Eagle IV Wilcox 1996 Action, Drama
Gang in Blue 1996 Action, Crime, Drama
Swann Homer 1997 Drama
The Law of Enclosures Hank 1999
Affliction 1999 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Roswell: The Aliens Attack 1999 Drama, Mystery, Sci Fi
Woman Wanted 2000
Possible Worlds 2000 Game Show, Sport
The Miracle Walter Bush 2004
Ambulance Girl 2005 Drama
Deadweight John Fawkes 2013 Drama, Thriller
Miracle Walter Bush 2018 0