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Wiki Biography: Sean Michael Afable was born in Southern California on November 20th, 1988, raised in a Filipino and European family. Growing up with 1 brother, his 18 first cousins, and his cat Winston; he enjoyed the life of a big family. Sean graduated Parkridge private high school on November 20, 2005... what a great way to celebrate his birthday! At the young age of 6, Sean's parents, Robert and Gigi, noticed his outgoing spirit and started him in acting classes. It didn't take long for Sean to land his first role in Burger King and Chuck E Cheese commercials. He has since appeared in several Disney and Nickelodeon television shows, but most impressive is his list of roles in feature films. Sean has studied under many of Hollywood's top acting coaches and has more recently been studying with Steven G. Lowe at The Actors Room for the past several years. His passion extends to film, television, voice-over, theater, singing, and dance. When Sean is not busy furthering his acting career, he has the normal life of a young adult; spending time with his family, hanging out with friends, going on road trips, social networking, eating fast-food, going to the movies, reading a good adventure novel, and furthering his education. Sean loves the outdoors and enjoys body boarding, body surfing, surfing, snowboarding,driving, paint-balling, camping, mountain biking, playing guitar,drawing, singing (an alumnus of the All American Boys Chorus), and hip hop dancing. As a Christian he is an active member of his church. Sean also dedicates countless hours to local charities involving causes close to his heart that better the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk youth, the prevention of hunger, and world disease.

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Sean Michael Afable Sean Michael Afable Sean Michael Afable Sean Michael Afable Sean Michael Afable Sean Michael Afable


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Clipping Adam Squeaky 2004 Drama
Akeelah and the Bee Dylan 2006
Boogie Town Stymie 2012 Action, Drama, Music
Hardflip Joey 2012 0