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Watch Second Sight  Online
Film title: Second Sight
Language: English
Plot: John Larroquette is the head of a detective agency that is hired to find a missing person, probably kidnapped. They employ the help of a mystic/psychic to help find the missing g

Second Sight Cast & Crew

Bess Armstrong
as Sister Elizabeth
Stuart Pankin
as Preston Pickett Ph.D.
John Schuck
as Manoogian
James Tolkan
as Coolidge
William Prince
as Cardinal O'Hara
Michael Lombard
as Bishop O'Linn
Christine Estabrook
as Priscilla Pickett
Marisol Massey
as Maria
Adam LeFevre
as Mike
Andrew Mutnick
as Elmore
Ron Taylor
as Carl
Mike Crossen
as Cop Bloom Gallery
Suzanne Shepherd
as Marilyn Bloom