Secrets of the Tribe

Secrets of the Tribe Series
Genre: Documentary
Premiere: 2010
Network: Travel Channel
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 2
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The field of anthropology goes under the magnifying glass in this fiery investigation of the seminal research on Yanomami Indians. In the 1960s and '70s, a steady stream of anthropologists filed into the Amazon Basin to observe this "virgin" society untouched by modern life. Thirty years later, the events surrounding this infiltration have become a scandalous tale of academic ethics and infighting.
Secrets of the Tribe S01E02
Last Episode, 09 May 2010: Season 1, Episode 2: Scarred
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Season 1
09 May 2010 Season 1, Episode 1: Initiation
09 May 2010 Season 1, Episode 2: Scarred