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Wiki Biography: In 1980 he graduated from GITIS - The State Institute of Theatrical Art named after Lunacharsky, the actors department (art workshop of Oleg Tabakov). After graduating he was invited to the Moscow State Theatre «Sovremennik» where he played many roles of the tragicomic genre in the plays by Shakespeare and Saltykov-Shedrin, Moliere and Ostrovsky, Olby and Vampilov, Bulgakov, Gogol, Goncharov, etc. He was working at the opening of the Moscow Theatre-Studio under the guidance of Oleg Tabakov and since 1986 he has been one of the theatre actors, directors and managers. For many years there was not a single play in which he did not perform the main parts. In 1990 he debuted as a film director with the film «Crazy» which was awarded the Grand-Prix of The Young European Filmmakers Festival in Angers (France). In 1991 he founded a private film company «Nikita And Piotr». In 1991 he staged the play «The General Inspector» («Revizor») in Oleg Tabakov Theatre-Studio awarded The Union Of Theatrical Workers' prize for the best director's debut of the year. In 1993 he shot a TV version of a philosophical parable «Helen & The Navigator» awarded as the best TV film of the year. In 1996 he directed «The General Inspector» («Revizor»), «Nikita And Pyotr» and «Most-Group» co-production.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Den lyubvi A Bandit Chief 1990 Action, Crime, Drama
Ispanskaya aktrisa dlya russkogo ministra Mikhel 1991 Comedy
Taksi-Blyuz Administrator 1991 Drama
Russian Pizza Blues Gazarov 1992 Comedy
Radosti i pechali malen'kogo lorda Hobbs 2003 Family
Moy svodnyy brat Frankenshteyn Edik 2004 Drama
Turetskiy gambit Gubernator 2005 Action, Adventure
Zayats nad bezdnoy Gipsy baron 2006 Comedy
12 2007 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Kod apokalipsisa Oligarkh 2007 Action, Adventure
Kakraki Neighbor 2009 Comedy, Drama
Na igre 2. Novyy uroven Shimich 2010 Action
The Casualty Savely 2010 Drama
Doch yakudzy Yakut 2010 Comedy
Kto ya? Pyotr Trofimov - psikhiatr 2010 Drama, Mystery
Avgust. Vosmogo Kirill Ivanovich 2012 Action, Drama, Fantasy
Mamy egment "Ya - ne Kolya" 2012 Comedy, Drama
Marafon Zhorek 2013 Comedy, Drama
Vesyolye rebyata;) Victor Kuptsov 2014 Comedy