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Film title: Serving Up Richard
Language: English
Plot: Everett and Glory Hutchins live in a typical middle class neighborhood. Maybe your neighborhood. The Hutchins have a "guestroom" in their home. It's not exactly a business. It's a hobby. Or.....would you say religion? You see, Everett and Glory are practicing cannibals. It's a proclivity that you can't readily share with friend or neighbor. When Richard Ruebens answers Everett's classified add to buy a classic car, he becomes their latest potential meal. But......Richard has no intention of being a lamb led to slaughter.

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Serving Up Richard Cast & Crew

Ross McCall
as Richard Rubens
Susan Priver
as Glory Hutchins
Jude Ciccolella
as Everett Hutchins
Brian Burke
as Stanley
Doug Sinclair
as Rescue Worker #1
Michael Austin
as Rescue Worker #2
Kirkaldy Myers
as Cab Driver #1
Eugene Conde
as Cab Driver #2
Jeanne Heileman
as Dog Walker