Watch Seven Days in May Online

Watch Seven Days in May Online
Film title: Seven Days in May
Rotten Tomatoes: 95%
Language: English
Plot: Military aide Martin Casey (Kirk Douglas) stumbles across a plot by his boss (Burt Lancaster) to overthrow the U.S. president (Fredric March), who has just negotiated a controversial peace treaty. Casey's dilemma: Follow orders and remain silent, or betray his boss. Director John Frankenheimer demonstrates the same mastery that made The Manchurian Candidate a classic, and Lancaster gives an effective performance in an unsympathetic role.

Seven Days in May Cast & Crew

Burt Lancaster
as Gen. James Mattoon Scott
Kirk Douglas
as Col. Martin 'Jiggs' Casey
Fredric March
as President Jordan Lyman
Ava Gardner
as Eleanor Holbrook
Edmond O'Brien
as Sen. Raymond Clark
Martin Balsam
as Paul Girard
Andrew Duggan
as Col. William 'Mutt' Henderson
Whit Bissell
as Sen. Frederick Prentice
Helen Kleeb
as Esther Townsend
George Macready
as Christopher Todd