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Film title: Severe Visibility
Language: English
Plot: A US Army major finds information that the attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 was a government deception.

Severe Visibility Series
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Severe Visibility Cast & Crew

Paul Cross
as Major Stanley Kruter
Dennis Kleinman
as Andrew Porter
Tommy Wilson-O'Brien
as General Akerley
Dan Holahan
as Agent Bartholomew
William Mark McCullough
as Clifford Odella
Alan Pietruszewski
as Agent Handel
Mikos Zavros
as Lt. Bronson
Jason S. Gray
as Major David Patersen
Todd Quillen
as Lt. Col. Macfayden
Anthony Berber
as Inmate
Darryl Bustamante
as Dulles Air Controller
Damon Christopher
as Pentagon Guard
Meredith Collins
as Mary Ann Nealy
John M. Ferguson
as Pentagon Employee
P. David Miller
as Capt. Magnuson