Sex Wars

Sex Wars Series
Premiere: 2000
Network: Syndicated
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"Sex Wars" was a weekday-syndicated game show that debuted on 2 October 2000. The co-host of this adult oriented quiz show were J. D. Roth and Jennifer Cole. There was a team of 3-men vs. a team of 3 women matching wits to win $2,500 for the team of 3 that got the most answers correct. The 1st round titled the “Land Mine” consisted of asking the guys girl questions and then asking the girls guy questions. If you answered the question correct your team would get 5-points but if your answer was incorrect the points would go to the opposing team. Round 2 was ca lled “The List” which consisted of questions that were previously asked of people who had visited the shows official website. The 3rd and final round was “Public Poll” which was a list of 9 questions of statistics that were gathered from people from the street. more less