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Film title: Shadow Hill
Language: English
Plot: In the small, rural town of Shadow Hill, South Dakota, Malin Vorona lives a life of fear as day by day she awaits the inevitable. Though her long-time psychiatrist attempts to find the key to healing her of a life of horrendous abuse, Malin finds herself caught between what is real and what is uninvited imagination. The signs of imminent evil grow increasingly stronger, adding to her seemingly insane notion that something horrific will soon occur. Her worst fears and intuitions finally come true as her beloved younger sister Patty and her troubled boyfriend investigate a familiar local legend and mistakenly get in deeper than they ever could have imagined. Along with a group of eclectic locals, the young couple quickly finds themselves trapped on an abandoned rural property with a disturbing history. It is there that their lives are threatened by a powerful supernatural force that has returned solely to destroy Malin, her sister, and anyone in its path. With few options, the group ...

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Shadow Hill Cast & Crew

Gil Bellows
as John Annington
Hill Harper
as Darris Donnelly
David Cameron
as Byron Unger
Garrett Black
as Reilly Wendt