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Film title: Shakespeare in... and Out
Language: English
Plot: In the 1980s, a filmmaker begins a project to record the life of an average kid. In Perry, Ohio, he picks Rich Longfellow, a shy lad, and begins filming. Soon after, he dies in Mozambique. Sixteen years later, his son continues the project, finding Rich, now 23, in L.A., with dreams of being a Shakespearean actor, getting experience in porn films. We meet Betsy, Rich's sensible girlfriend, Lee, the impatient producer, and Carmichael, a director with artistic pretensions who inspires Rich. Problems with Besty and tension on the set bring Rich to a crisis; when his boyhood friend starts a Shakespeare company that tours nursing homes in the San Fernando Valley, Rich sees a way ou

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Shakespeare in... and Out Cast & Crew

Roger Shank
as Rich Longfellow
Lawrence Trilling
as Harold Asailian Jr
J.D. Smith
as Lee Fernandez
Razel Wolf
as Lucy Lace
William Neenan
as Carmichael Astune
Stacey Nicolite
as Misty Flavors
Randall Slavin
as Duane Brickton
Dick Harris
as Dr.Harold Asailian
Sharon Powers
as Alice Bine
Don Siechert Jr.
as Ed Phister
Jae Soh
as Jae Soh
Anita Francesco
as Gwen Velvet
Robert Chase
as Rod Blank