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Film title: Shaking the Tree
Language: English
Plot: A crowd of guys in their 20's spend most of their time hanging out. It's Christmas time in the early 1990's and the guys all begin to think it's about time they went about their lives without the comfort of the d

Shaking the Tree Series
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Shaking the Tree Cast & Crew

Arye Gross
as Barry
Gale Hansen
as Sully
Doug Savant
as Michael
Steven Wilde
as Duke
Courteney Cox
as Kathleen
Christina Haag
as Michelle
Michael Arabian
as Nickel
Dennis Cockrum
as Bannelli
Nathan Davis
as Grandpa Sullivan
Ron Dean
as Duke's Father
Brittney Hansen
as Brigette
Turk Muller
as Ape
Ned Schmidtke
as Mr. Jack
Maurice Chasse
as Cashier at Stubby's
Dick Sasso
as New Yorker in Van