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Film title: Shark in a Bottle
Language: English
Plot: Guy Normal (probably not his real name) is clumsy, has amnesia, and has fallen into the hands of an unscrupulous man who arranges killings for hire. The Arranger trains Guy to be a killer (and there's evidence that Guy perpetrated a mass murder in an Arizona post office), then sends him to do various jobs. Although Guy bumbles, the jobs get done. But Guy rebels against this life, tries to reconstruct his past, and falls in love with the Arranger's mistress (who also has no place else to go). When Guy becomes expendable, his days seem numbered. Can Guy outsmart the mastermind and the highly skilled assassins sent to kill him?

Shark in a Bottle Series
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Shark in a Bottle Cast & Crew

Danny Nucci
as Guy Normal
Hiep Thi Le
as The Tutor
Ben Gazzara
as The Arranger
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister
as The Recruiter
Stan Kirsch
as Punk #1
Rick Gomez
as Punk #2
Sean Whalen
as Bud
Kevin Brief
as The Target
Martin Garner
as The Bellboy
Kelvin Garvanne
as The TV Reporter
Dean Hill
as The Homeless Man
Jeff Holden
as The Security Guard
Christina Ladysh
as The Ticket Attendant
Terri Laird
as The Tatoo Artist
Kristofer McNeeley
as The Cashier