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Film title: Sharkskin
Language: English, Italian
Plot: Set in post-World War II Manhattan, Sharkskin tells the story of custom tailor Mike Esposito's encounters with local mobsters who run the neighborhood. Mike is drawn into the mob when Mafia Don Piano orders Mike to make a suit for a special occasion. Mike becomes enamored with and later repelled by the mob's operations and whereby he confronts his morality and principles that he lives by and puts his family in jeopardy.

Sharkskin Series
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Sharkskin Cast & Crew

David Proval
as Uncle Charlie
Carmen Argenziano
as Jakie Hooks
Robert Costanzo
as Mayor La Guardia
John Aprea
as Mike Esposito
Don Calfa
as Joey 'Snot'
Cara Pifko
as Franki
John Capodice
as Don Piano
Christopher Amitrano
as Sammy Esposito
Rachel Bailit
as Angie
Robert Amico
as Hugo
Gabrielle Conforti
as Sophia Piano
Donna Ponterotto
as Lilly Esposito
Travis Myers
as Tony 'Dots'