Watch She's Back Online

Watch She's Back Online
Film title: She's Back
Language: English
Plot: Paul is a meek electrician who, with his nagging, dominating wife Beatrice, moves to a new house in a neighborhood stricken by a series of robberies. That night, the gang responsible breaks into their house, beats up Paul, murders Bea, and makes off with the valuables. As Paul is coming to terms with his wife's death, she appears as a ghost only he can see and hear, nagging him into hitting the streets (later with his garbageman neighbor) and avenging her, with some interesting methods of doing so...

She's Back Cast & Crew

Carrie Fisher
as Beatrice
Robert Joy
as Paul
Matthew Cowles
as Sherman Bloom
Joel Swetow
as Razorface
Sam Coppola
as Det. Brophy
Donna Drake
as Sally
Anthony Mannino
as Svatchi
Erick Avari
as Deli Owner
Gary Yudman
as Pickle
Sam Cagnina
as Hedges
Robert Bottone
as Screwton
Michael Speero
as Boots
Robert LaMoia
as Hatchet
Larry Romano
as Howling Punk