Watch She Wants Me Online

Watch She Wants Me Online
Film title: She Wants Me
Language: English
Plot: If you mixed Ferris Bueller in a blender with Alvy Singer (Woody Allen in "Annie Hall") and Larry David, the result would be SAM BAUM (Josh Gad). He's a lovable, quirky, neurotic NY native, living in LA with his beautiful girlfriend, Sammy (Kristen Ruhlin). A girl he knows how lucky he is to have in his life, since she was previously married to John: a, tall, fit, gorgeous, extremely successful Harvard med school graduate, who she's remained cordial with. Before Sammy, Sam hasn't had much success, romantically. He's an emerging filmmaker with one feature film under his belt that nobody's heard of. And she's an aspiring actress, aching for her big break, which may never come, unless Sam offers her the female lead in his next project, which he does... the night before one of the hottest, most in demand actresses working today, Kim Powers (Hilary Duff), expresses interest in playing the role. Sam wears his heart on his sleeve and has always been honest with Sammy, but now he's caught in a pickle...

She Wants Me Cast & Crew

Josh Gad
as Sam Baum
Kristen Ruhlin
as Sammy Kingston
Hilary Duff
as Kim Powers
Charlie Sheen
as Charlie
Aaron Yoo
as Max
Debra Jo Rupp
as Ruth Baum
Wayne Knight
as Walter Baum
Melonie Diaz
as Gwen
Brit Morgan
as Carly
Ellen Albertini Dow
as Grandma Elma
Joel Michaely
as Lloyd
Jillian Barberie
as Barbara Bernhardt
Louise Linton
as Jessica