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Film title: Shimmer
Language: English
Plot: Eighteen year old Steven Borman is at a crossroads in his life. With no real future in sight he's forced to work his mother's antique shop. A struggling single mother, Angela Borman has been the subject of town gossip since become pregnant with Steven at age sixteen. Together, Steven and Angela just try to make it through the day without killing each other. Their lives are turned upside down when former friend, Eric Mackenzie returns home to Shimmer after almost twenty years. But all is not well in the quiet little town. Steven is inexplicably drawn to Eric, and during a night of drinking he and his friends break into Eric's home and uncover a photograph linking Eric to his mother and a past he's never known. In a rage Steven lays waste to Eric's home and gets caught in the violent act. In an attempt to keep Steven out of prison, Angela strikes a deal with Eric that forces the three of them down a path of discovery, unlikely friendships, and new hope for a future that might be the saving grace they've been searching for. Or will their collective pasts prove to be to much to overcome?

Shimmer Series
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Shimmer Cast & Crew

Allan Kayser
as Eric McKenzie
Blaire Baron
as Angela Borman
Mark Arnold
as Neil McKenzie
Cory Assink
as Ben Scott
Kim Erickson
as Karen
David Schroeder
as Harold
Cassy Assink
as Tish
Dale A. Assink
as Funeral pastor
Andrew Robinson
as Steven Borman
Lindsay Seim
as Annie