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Film title: Shocktroop
Language: English
Plot: The special commando Delta Force is sent behind the line of fire into the terrain of the enemy. Their mission goal is to destroy a base where the enemies prepare a new weapon: a combat helicopter.

Shocktroop Series
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Shocktroop Cast & Crew

Danny Aiello
as John Cunningham
Lyle Alzado
as Gen. Orlorf
J. Christian Ingvordsen
as Frank White
John Rano
as Achmed
Joe Ambrose
as General Parker
Jeff Barton
as KGB Thug
Tom Billett
as Mercenary
Angel Caban
as The Georgian
Astrid De Richemonte
as Marguerite
Ernest Dorsett
as Sgt. Inamov
Steven Kaman
as Colonel Kotchev
Charles Kay-Hune
as Kevin McDonaugh
Danny Kuchuck
as Kahleel