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Film title: Siesta
Rotten Tomatoes: 20%
Language: English
Plot: Claire (an American) wakes up in a terrible state at the end of a runway in Spain. As she tries to account for her state (blood-soaked and bruised), she has flashbacks from the past few days. She thinks she's killed someone, but isn't sure, and now she's wandering the Spanish streets without money or a clear memory.

Siesta Series
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Siesta Cast & Crew

Ellen Barkin
as Claire
Gabriel Byrne
as Augustine
Alexei Sayle
as Cabbie
Grace Jones
as Conchita
Jodie Foster
as Nancy
Gary Cady
as Roger
Daniel Martin
as Beaten Spaniard
Fabián Conde
as Injured Spaniard
José María Cañete
as Ticket Agent #1