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Film title: Silent Hunter
Language: English
Plot: A hardened, relentless cop (Jim Parandine) is pushed to the edge when his family is murdered by some criminals. He becomes a recluse in the mountains, where years later, the same criminals end up to rob a bank. Jim uses his Navy Seal training and police experience to hunt down the criminals one by one and get vengeance for his lov

Silent Hunter Series
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Silent Hunter Cast & Crew

Miles O'Keeffe
as Jim Parandine
Jason Cavalier
as Dewey
Lynne Adams
as Anna
Fred Williamson
as Sheriff Mantee
Michael O'Reilly
as Howard Milner
Sam Stone
as Zac Johnson
Cindy Ellis
as Carol
Erika Rafuls
as Kathy
Ben Lawson
as Bud
Anthony Giaimo
as Mike Mazzone