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Film title: Silver City
Language: English
Plot: After World War II, 4,000 Polish families came to Australia. They were Jews, Fascists, anti-Communists, and others dispossessed. In a large hostel, where even married men and women were housed in separate barracks, the adults lived for two years while they worked off the government's payment of their passage. Even though he is married to Anna and has a son, Julian falls in love with Nina and she with him. As they and others face the new situations and prejudices that await immigrants and as they take on aspects of Australian culture, old-country values reassert themselves. Julian decides what to do about love and family, and Nina must find a way to mov

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Silver City Cast & Crew

Ivar Kants
as Julian
Steve Bisley
as Victor
Debra Lawrance
as Helena
Ewa Bok
as Mrs. Bronowska
Tim McKenzie
as Roy Jenkins
Joel Cohen
as Young Daniel
Annie Byron
as Dorothy
Adam Bowen
as Man on Train
Ron Blanchard
as Arthur Calwell
Noel Hodda
as Estonian Man
Russell Newman
as Customs Official