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Film title: Sing si lip yan
Language: Cantonese
Plot: While searching for the daughter of a Japanese publishing magnate, private investigator Ryu Saeba and his assistant Kaori are caught up in the middle of a cruise liner highjacking. It's up to Ryu to save the day...but can he do it on an empty stomach?

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Sing si lip yan Cast & Crew

Jackie Chan
as Ryu Saeba
Richard Norton
as Col. MacDonald
Michael Wong
as Hideyuki Makimura
Gary Daniels
as MacDonald's Main Henchman
Kumiko Goto
as Shizuko Imamura / Kyoko
Mike Abbott
as Mike
Cordelia Choy
as Miss. Choi
Vincent La Porte
as Vincent
Bei-Dak Lai
as Creep in White Suit