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Film title: Six Thugs
Language: English
Plot: Released after a five-year stretch for a crime he did not commit, Trusty knows he must change his ways. Trusty lives by the unwritten code of the streets. Upon his return to the place where his journey began, he is faced with alternative opportunities to escape the cycle of violence and decay or to redeem himself before his friends and resume the lifestyle that put him away in the first place. Bound to the neighborhood for which he stands and a group of remorseless delinquents, each with their own obscure motives, he must once again navigate the dangerous terrain that led him to a conviction and sentence meant for another. With unjust jail time under his belt, he has earned honor and respect in the local hierarchy. On the streets where he was raised, his homeboys compete for position and power. Their lives are punctuated by dysfunctional drug and alcohol abuse, emptiness and misplaced aggression. But, the sudden presence of a girl and Trusty's homecoming coincide for an unexpected chain of irrevocable events that take place on one afternoon. The ensuing circumstances forces six friends into choices and actions that underscore a reality seldom seen. Reunited with Lucky, the younger brother of the friend for whom he went to prison, Trusty must take sides in a conflict pitting homeboy against homeboy in a race to rescue a young woman trapped in a sea of unhealthy lust and web of violence.

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Six Thugs Cast & Crew

Matthew R. Cazares
as Young lil Lucky
Connie Fregoso
as Girl at pool
Noel Gugliemi
as Big Lucky
Araceli Herrera
as Big Lucky's Girlfriend
Andrea Jimenez
as Carmen
Denny Kirkwood
as Officer Cadlitz
Robert Larabee
as Diablo
Rolando Molina
as Chapo
Erlinda Navarro
as Rochelle
Ruby Nunez
as Playground Kid
Nelly Pereira
as Tina's Mother
Senen Reyes
as Shot Caller