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Film title: Sixufus
Language: English
Plot: Ever since hes been accused of killing his mother, Darwin Russell has lead a reclusive and shunned life. And during this private, un-ambitious hiatus, Darwin has healed by developing a coping mechanism: Multiple personalities. Some of them are nice. And some not so much. And when some particular personalities are in charge, the others cant see what is happening. Blackouts occur.Irregardless of their differences, all of them work together to hide the secret of their existence.But at his fathers death, Darwin once again comes under scrutiny: He is the primary beneficiary of the will. Millions of dollars, plus untold income in real estate and stock holdings.And with the inheritance comes the fortune seekers. Family members with grudges and power. Family friends with blackmail and other enticements.All seeking Darwin. All scouring him for manipulatable crevices in his character armor.And in the light of investigation, the glow of fortune, and the grip of blackmail, Darwin unleashes the forces within in a final effort at self-preservation.

Sixufus Series
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Sixufus Cast & Crew

Raney Branch
as Hillary Bunton
Amanda Deibert
as Trent's Assistant
Nathan Huntley
as Darwin Russell
John C. Johnson
as Don Truett
M.J. Karmi
as Doreen Russell
John Laughlin
as Brandon Russell
Joshua Leezy
as Detective James
Valerie Michelson
as Marla Trent
Brandon Miller
as Young Darwin
Mohamed Mohsen
as Henry
Maurice Moore
as Detective Womack