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Film title: Skavabölen pojat
Language: Finnish
Plot: In 1972, Rupert, 8 and Evert, 6 are two lovable and wildly imaginative brothers, lost in their cowboys-and-Indians fantasies and in the playground romances with the neighborhood girls. In the background is the warm but explosive and unstable mother, and the charming but unreliable father. The family has moved to a new house, the future looks bright. Everything starts to fall apart when Rupert finds a hidden letter. There are terrible fights and hushed whispers, then mom is taken somewhere to rest for a while. Later on there is confusing talk about a new mom. The brothers make a blood oath: One can't lie or die or one has to pay the other a million or more for the rest of his life. Rupert tries to hold the family together. But finally things get too complicated, and real tragedy waits in the wings of the fantasy plays. In 1982 the guilt-ridden 18-year-old Rupert tries to remember and understand the events of the past amidst the chaos of the present. If he doesn't find absolution, the family tragedy will be repeated and the curse will live on. Dad is coming home and the blood oath is about to be broken.

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Skavabölen pojat Cast & Crew

Leea Klemola
as Mother
Onni Tommila
as Evert as a child
Martti Suosalo
as Father
Sulevi Peltola
as Magician Kinnunen
Lauri Tilkanen
as Rupert
Ilmari Järvenpää
as Rupert as a child
Eila Roine
as Aunt Hilppa
Hannu Kivioja
as Grandfather
Henriikka Salo
as Anneli
Jarkko Pajunen
as Priest
Laura Timonen
as Member of the dance group #7
Annu Valonen
as Farkku-Tamara