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Film title: Skinheads
Language: English
Plot: A gang of skinheads is wanted by the police after committing a series of brutal crimes in their hometown. While trying to lay low in a more rural area, they get into a fight with the owner of a truck stop. When two witness run off into the woods, the gang follows, intent on silencing them for good. Fortunately for the fleeing pair, they stumbling upon a survivalist (and World War II veteran) with no fondness for Nazis, traditional or N

Skinheads Series
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Skinheads Cast & Crew

Chuck Connors
as Mr. Huston
Barbara Bain
as Martha
Jason Culp
as Jeff
Brian Brophy
as Damon
Liz Sagal
as Amy
Bill Kohne
as Jeff
Gene Mitchell
as Frank
Frank Noon
as Walt
Dennis Ott
as Brains
Michael Fox
as Saul
Bunny Summers
as Bessie
Jadili Johnson
as Willie