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Birthday: 1979-10-11
Place of Birth: Orange County, California, USA
Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)
Wiki Biography: Skye was born on a cool fall night of October 11th at 4pm and was raised in beautiful Orange County, California. Skye's wonderful mother is Swedish and her father Pequot Indian (his name was even Blue!), giving Skye a fairly unusual ethnic blend.Skye considers herself lucky to have two great younger siblings; a brother named Jeremy Blue (age 14) and a sister named Sarah Dawn (age 19). Skye and her siblings were raised with tons of pets and animals, and learned many unique lessons from their goldminer/timberfaller grandpa. He taught them how to pan for gold, survive in the woods with no luxuries and how to explore abandoned cabins without falling through the floor, while their grandmother taught them how to garden, play piano, cook and sew.Skye is and has always been a complete tomboy, and loved to do anything the boys do - whether it was playing Football, Little League Baseball or most importantly, Hockey. In fact, hockey became such a big part of Skye's life, she would practice and train every morning, then play 2+ league or pickup games every night she could. When the day came that she was good enough to start traveling on the adult co-ed competition teams as a forward, Skye was ecstatic - that was such a great accomplishment for her!From the ages of 5 through 16, Skye was beaten and severely teased by her merciless peers. She had always been a genuine bookworm (Skye began reading at the age of 2) and had big coke-bottle glasses, bad hair and came from a poor family. So when she graduated high school at the age of 15 and began college as a Psychology Major, it only made matters worse. Even in college, fellow students treated Skye badly and would laugh when her mom dropped her off at school. (She was too young to drive herself) Believing no one should have to tolerate such antagonism, Skye decided to prove to them, herself and everybody else that she IS somebody special, regardless of what they say or think.Skye had always wanted to be either a rock star or a model ever since she was a little girl. The rock star thing wasn't working out, so she went with her girlfriend to her "agency" and signed her first (non-exclusive-pay-us-$500-for-nothing) contract at 17. They basically took Skye's money, filled her head with dreams, then sat on their butts and started avoiding her phone calls. When Skye's contract expired a year later, she decided to make things happen on her own and started representing herself. Skye doesn't have an agent and hasn't had one since 1998, and she doesn't regret one second of it because everything she's ever done, she's done for herself.Skye is so happy with where she's at today and it just seems to get better with every passing day! She takes great pride in the fact that Skye is where she is, because she MADE it happen for herself. Skye is living proof that if you really do want something badly enough, you really can have it! Deep down inside, she finds herself thanking all the people who tormented her in her younger years, because they helped her to have the will that has driven her to make the absolute most of herself, and to go as far as possible in everything that she does. Whenever Skye feels down, she just remembers being the biggest nerd in town for 17 years, and then looks at where she's headed now and wow! She never would have thought it could've gone this far. Skye gives a big thank you to everyone that has shown her their support and thank you to everyone that hasn't, because either way both sides are motivating her.

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Sex Court: The Movie Skye 2001 Comedy