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Film title: Slaughter of the Innocents
Language: English
Plot: Fast plot about a mohab nut who thinks he is Noah and collects two of every living thing. Detective Broderick, with help from his teenage son, gather evidence and find the ghastly horror of this schizophrenic man who kills and kidnaps for his so assumed g

Slaughter of the Innocents Series
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Slaughter of the Innocents Cast & Crew

Jan Broberg
as Cindy Lockerby
Elizabeth Johnson
as Stephanie Lockerby
Jesse Cameron-Glickenhaus
as Jesse Broderick
Darlanne Fluegel
as Susan Broderick
Scott Glenn
as Stephen Broderick
Terri Hawkes
as Ellen Jenkins
Kevin Sorbo
as John Willison
Sheila Tousey
as Agent Lemar
Tim Colceri
as Warden Bates
Armin Shimerman
as Dr. Mort Seger
Leo Geter
as William Barnes
Thom Dillon
as Mark Denton
Wil Darwin Adams
as Death Row Guard
J. Stephen Brady
as Bobby Martel
H.E.D. Redford
as Prison Chaplain