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Film title: Sleeping Beauty
Language: English
Plot: An elf gives a queen a magic spell for the baby she always wanted. But an evil curse is placed over her daughter, Rosebud, which results in the king demanding that all the spindles in the kingdom be destroyed. As Rosebud grows into a naive yet pretty young woman, she wonders why no one in the kingdom ever has new cloth. She convinces her parents to go on a journey to a neighboring kingdom, not knowing what awaits her as soon as the king and queen are gone.

Sleeping Beauty  Series
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Sleeping Beauty Cast & Crew

Tahnee Welch
as Rosebud
Kenny Baker
as Elf
Nicholas Clay
as Prince
Sylvia Miles
as Red Fairy
Shaike Ophir
as Master Elf
Jane Wiedlin
as White Fairy
Orna Porat
as Nana
Julian Chagrin
as Advisor
Ya'ackov Ben-Sira
as 1st Counsellor
Danny Segev
as 2nd Counsellor
Igor Borisov
as Cook
Joseph Bee
as 3rd Counsellor
Jonny Phillips
as Count