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Film title: Sleeping with Strangers
Language: English
Plot: Daniel is in danger of losing his inn after another more modern establishment opens next door and steals his guests. He goes to the bank for a loan, but they tell him to hope for a miracle. Then a limo pulls up carrying the hottest rock star and biggest movie actress around. The two inns compete for these prestigious guests, Daniel trying to save his inn, the other man (Mark) trying to drive Daniel out of business for good (and steal his fiancee).

Sleeping with Strangers Series
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Sleeping with Strangers Cast & Crew

Kim Huffman
as Teri
Alastair Duncan
as Daniel
Scott McNeil
as Todd Warren
Gary Jones
as Loan Officer
Anthony Ulc
as Sam
Claire Caplan
as Elsie
Betty Linde
as Margaret
Jeffrey Cohen
as Artie
Gabrielle Rose
as Claire
Susan Wilkey
as Loan Officer's Wife
Tamsin Jones
as Loan Officer's Daughter
Sarah Deakins
as Bank Teller
Tim Battle
as Security Guard