Watch Sleeping with the Enemy Online

Watch Sleeping with the Enemy Online
Film title: Sleeping with the Enemy
Rotten Tomatoes: 65%
Language: English
Plot: Newlywed Laura (Julia Roberts) discovers that, in private, her handsome husband (Patrick Bergin) is an enraged psychotic who takes out his frustrations on her with his fists. Tired of being a punching bag, Laura orchestrates her escape by faking her death. She starts over in a small Iowa town, where she meets a new beau. But her peace is quickly shattered when she discovers her husband is hot on her trail.

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Sleeping with the Enemy Cast & Crew

Julia Roberts
as Laura Burney
Patrick Bergin
as Martin Burney
Kevin Anderson
as Ben Woodward
Elizabeth Lawrence
as Chloe Williams
Kyle Secor
as Fleishman
Claudette Nevins
as Dr. Rissner
Harley Venton
as Garber
Nancy Fish
as Woman on Bus
Bonnie Johnson
as Mrs. Nepper
Graham Harrington
as Minister
John Ward
as Theater Student