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Film title: Slow Learners
Language: English
Plot: Jeff and Anne, two close friends and co-workers in a suburban high school, are embarrassingly unlucky at love. With nothing else to lose, they hatch a plan to transform themselves over the course of a sex-and-alcohol-fueled summer into the cool, confident people they aspire to be. At first an exhilarating adventure of self-discovery, Jeff and Anne's journey turns into a laugh-out-loud experiment as they lose their identities, their dignity, and quite possibly each other.

Slow Learners Series
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Slow Learners Cast & Crew

Adam Pally
as Jeff Lowry
Sarah Burns
as Anne Martin
Reid Scott
as Max
Mary Grill
as Beth
Kate Flannery
as Principal Miller
Kevin Dunn
as Darren Lowry
Marceline Hugot
as Joyce Lowry
Ursula Parker
as Little Miss Trooper
Angela Shelton
as Michelle
Gil Ozeri
as Dan
Cecily Strong
as The Ex
Bobby Moynihan
as Lenny
Peter Grosz
as Dr. Mark Sonderskov