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Film title: Slushaya tishinu
Language: Russian
Plot: Listen to the silence is the title. A young woman-Nastya- arrives in Moscow to study at the Conservatory and thinks her sister- Alya- will help her with a place to stay. Her sister, however, can only offer her to live in the hospital, where her son is waiting for a kidney transplant. Meanwhile, the only source of money for them is a rich family, more exactly Dmitri, a football related "businessman", for whom Alya has been working as a cleaning lady. Then comes the romance between Nastya and Dmitri, but...

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Slushaya tishinu Cast & Crew

Alina Sergeyeva
as Nastya Belyayeva
Dmitriy Maryanov
as Dmitri Samoilov
Andrey Rapoport
as Anatoliy
Mariya Zvonaryova
as Alya Belyayeva
Iya Savvina
as Margarita Altayeva
Viktor Rakov
as Robert