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Film title: Snipes
Rotten Tomatoes: 25%
Language: English
Plot: Erik is a hip-hop-lovin' teen living in Philadelphia who'd rather spend time listening to his idol, the rapper Prolifik. One day, Erik finds himself more entangled in Prolifik's life than he ever imagined possible: Prolifik's been kidnapped, his master tapes are gone, and, through a series of twisted events, the same people who are after the musician go after Erik, too.

Snipes Series
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Snipes Cast & Crew

as Prolifik / Clarence
Zoe Saldana
as Cheryl
Dean Winters
as Bobby Starr
Rashaan Nall
as Floyd
as Tony
Joel Garland
as Ceaser
Mpho Koaho
as Malik
Victor Togunde
as Midas
Carlo Alban
as Bugsy
Rich Heidelberg
as Donnie
Frank Vincent
as Johnnie Marandino
Johnnie Hobbs Jr.
as Mr. Triggs