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Film title: Solid Air
Language: English
Plot: Seeking refuge, compulsive gambler Robert Houston Junior comes home to his estranged father, Robert Senior. Discovering a lapsed compensation claim for asbestosis, Junior resolves to pursue the case, encountering the young, ambitious lawyer Nicola Blyth who tells him he must produce a witness to testify on his father's behalf. Beneath Junior's altruism lies an uncomfortable truth. In debt and on the run from wealthy businessman, John Doran, following a disastrous loss at the poker table, Junior's only hope is to get his hands on his father's settlement. But hope, like luck, is in short supply. As father and son set out to find the witness, suspicion turns to torment as Robert learns of his son's motives and the true cost of Junior's betrayal is revealed.

Solid Air Series
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Solid Air Cast & Crew

Maurice Roëves
as Robert Houston
Brian McCardie
as Robert Houston Junior
Kathy Kiera Clarke
as Nicola Blyth
Gary Lewis
as John Doran
James Martin
as Todd
Laura Harvey
as Leena
Neil McCormack
as Ounce
Ian Hanmore
as John Hutchison
Anne Downie
as Barbara Ross
Matthew Bill Boyd
as Hugh Ross
Laurie Ventry
as John McLellan
Eileen McCallum
as Helen Law
James Cosmo
as Finn
Bryan Larkin
as Niall
David Gallacher
as Douglas