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Film title: South Dakota
Language: English
Plot: South Dakota portrays two dramatic stories about unplanned pregnancies: Barb is a real life "Juno" in South Dakota - a fourteen old high school track star and cheerleader in love with her 15 year old star athlete boyfriend - who allows a single moment of passion to change her forever. Chris is an African American teenager living on the streets of Philadelphia who is pregnant as a result of rape. As each girl wrestles with her pregnancy, the film presents real-life interviews with opposing views about a woman's right to choose... The emotional conclusion of each story leaves audiences with a profoundly new understanding of a woman's right to choose.

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South Dakota Cast & Crew

Tessa Thompson
as Chris
Amanda Aday
as Jane
Reid Ewing
as Carter
Allen Maldonado
as Gang Leader
Mickey Zobel
as Shon
Nate Hartley
as Buster
Paige Brown
as Allison
Britt Medlin
as Cathy
Matt Harwell
as Lowell
Clay Wilcox
as Randy
Elizabeth Huebner
as Stephanie
Stephanie Erb
as Luanne