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Film title: Special Ed
Language: English
Plot: Dr. David Edwards is a cancer specialist, and his life is his work. His only friend is Lou Rosen, 73. Lou is also David's patient, but at his age, chances are grim. Still, everyone deserves a chance, or at least that's what David thought before Sonny Collins walked into his office. On paper, Sonny looked ideal for his experimental trial: early forties with an inoperable baseball-sized tumor in his lung. But his file didn't say anything about his attitude: crass, crude, and indignant. Would the doctor who's famous for giving even the most gravely ill patient a chance, turn this man away simply because he has a bad attitude? Or is there some other reason? Sometimes healing has nothing to do with medicine.

Special Ed Series
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Special Ed Cast & Crew

Greg Germann
as David
D.W. Moffett
as Sonny
Bill Cobbs
as Lou
Trevor Wright
as Mitch
E. Sean Griffin
as Nurse Randy
Christopher Neame
as Dr. Davis
Emma Lockhart
as Meghan
Carrie Armstrong
as Meghan's mom
Justine Slater
as Mary Beth
Jason Earles
as Young David
Erika Bruun-Andersen
as Bartender
J. Steven Clark
as Donald
Randy Crowder
as David's Dad
Brooke Flamion
as Prom Girl