Watch Spinning Boris Online

Watch Spinning Boris Online
Film title: Spinning Boris
Language: English
Plot: When advisors to Russian president Boris Yeltsin need help raising the leader's approval ratings, who else should they turn to but three consultants from the United States -- George Gorton (Jeff Goldblum), Dick Dresner (Anthony Lapaglia), and Joe Shumate (Liev Schreiber) -- to do the job? After all, American politics are legendary for the numerous issues spun in front of voters. But can the trio adapt their methods to a totally different system?

Spinning Boris Cast & Crew

Jeff Goldblum
as George Gorton
Anthony LaPaglia
as Dick Dresner
Liev Schreiber
as Joe Shumate
Boris Lee Krutonog
as Felix Braynin
Svetlana Efremova
as Tatiana Dyachenko
Gregory Hlady
as Andrei Lugov
Ilia Volok
as Elvis Impersonator
Konstantin Kazakov
as Oleg Soskovets
Judah Katz
as Michael Kramer
Serge Timokhin
as Hotel Desk Clerk