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Film title: Spooner
Language: English
Plot: Herman Spooner still lives with his parents in Monrovia on the eve of his 30th birthday; He sells used cars (badly), fantasizes about his own apartment, is socially isolated, and tries to talk a good game. When he helps Rose, a young woman with car trouble who's driving home to Oceanside before flying to a teaching job in the Philippines, he's smitten. He inflates his resume, gets her a tow to the car lot, puts her at the head of the queue for repairs, and recommends a local hotel for her overnight stay. He visits her there that night and later contrives to get her to stay. Is there any hope for Spooner in this relationship, or is it another case of his letting fantasy take over?

Spooner Series
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Spooner Cast & Crew

Matthew Lillard
as Herman Spooner
Nora Zehetner
as Rose Conlin
Shea Whigham
as Stan Manfretti
Christopher McDonald
as Dennis Spooner
Kate Burton
as Alice Spooner
Pat Healy
as Carl
Joe Nunez
as Juan
Amy Ferguson
as Lily
Reshad Strik
as Jack
Kulap Vilaysack
as Asian Corporate
Rob Neason
as Steve Mhyre
Mary Page Keller
as Joanne Conlin
Katie MacNichol
as Middle-aged couple