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Film title: Steele Justice
Language: English
Plot: John Steele is a Vietnam Vet who's had trouble adjusting to life after the war. He hasn't been able to hold on to a job which includes being a cop. When his best friend, Lee who also served with him in Vietnam, and who also became a cop was killed by some drug dealers he was investigating. Steele was able to save his daughter and saw one of the shooters. He later sees him and learns that he is the son of General Kwan, another person he served with in Vietnam who was running his own deals on the side, and who tried to kill Steele and Lee but Steele not only survived but thwarted his last plan. Steele suspects Kwan is involved with Lee's death but unfortunately Kwan's a respected member of the community. And Steele's former boss Bennett is not in a rush to find the killers cause investigation reveals that Lee may have been dirty which Steele knows is not true. Steele sets out to prove Lee's innocence and to get Kw

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Steele Justice Cast & Crew

Martin Kove
as John Steele
Sela Ward
as Tracy
Ronny Cox
as Bennett
Bernie Casey
as Det. Tom Reese
Soon-Tek Oh
as Gen. Bon Soong Kwan
Jan Gan Boyd
as Cami
David Froman
as Kelso
Kimiko Hiroshige
as Grandmother
Sheila Gale Kandlbinder
as Anchorwoman
Robert Kim
as Det. Lee Van Minh
Peter Kwong
as Pham Van Kwan
Eric Lee
as New Thug
Al Leong
as Long Hair