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Height: 6' 4" (1.93 m)
Wiki Biography: Stefano Villabona, born in Montevideo, Uruguay. Arriving at the United States in 2001 at aged 12, Stefano attended middle school I.S 73 in Queens, NY, where eventually later on he would attend Newtown High School in Elmhurst, Queens, graduating in 2007, on that same year, he will start college by going to LaGuardia C.C where he would study film and editing. Began acting in October of 2012 starting out as background/extra. In early 2013 Stefano's first speaking role will be for Adult Swim's web series show "Paynt Boyz" portraying a European tourist. Has worked in several TV Shows, music videos, commercials, and films.

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Stefano Villabona Stefano Villabona Stefano Villabona Stefano Villabona Stefano Villabona Stefano Villabona


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Green Inferno Protestor 2013 Horror, Thriller
Margarita with a Straw Disabled College Student 2013 Drama
Song One Rock Concert Goer 2014 Drama
Untitled Shawn Christensen Project Passed Out Mask Party Guy 2014 Drama
Little Galicia Wedding Guest 2014 Comedy
The Last American Guido Club Goer 2014
Why Now?! Park Walker 2014 Comedy
The Other Woman Restaurant Patron 2014 Comedy
The Truth About Lies Art Student 2015 Comedy, Romance
White Girl Hip Office Worker 2016 Drama