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Birthday: 1957-06-17
Place of Birth: Victoria, British Columbia
Wiki Biography: Stephen Shellen grew up in Victoria, British Columbia where he was his high school's star hockey player before heading north to work as a lumberjack. After catching the attention of a talent scout in Vancouver, he decided to try his hand at acting, spurred on in part by the memory of a less-than-appreciative audience during his first stage performance in junior high. Moving to Los Angeles, he studied with Peggy Feury and soon became a familiar face in feature films including "Casual Sex" with Lea Thompson and Victoria Jackson, festival favourite "The Stepfather" with Terry O'Quinn and Shelley Hack, the star-studded miniseries "Hollywood Wives", with Anthony Hopkins, Candice Bergen and Robert Stack, and the TV movie and basis of the series "Murder One". Returning to Canada in the early 90s, Stephen had a lead role on the Nikita-esque USA Networks series "Counterstrike", with Simon MacCorkindale and Christopher Plummer, in which he played Luke Brenner, part of a team of three operatives who fought terrorism around the globe. Back in the U.S., Stephen starred in "April One", a film about a hostage crisis for which he won critical raves. He also made an appearance as the cocky actor brother of Craig Sheffer's love interest in the Academy-Award-winning "A River Runs Through It"; his scenes with Susan Trawley were referred to by Newsweek as the funniest sequence in the movie. His career continued to blend big-budget, box office winners like "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, and small but critically acclaimed independent films like "Rude" which was named the Best Canadian Feature Film at the 1995 Toronto International Film Festival, as well as receiving eight Genie nominations. Stephen can also be seen in guest appearances on popular TV shows like "Law & Order" and "Due South". In 1997, he was invited to Toronto to shoot what he thought would be a one-time appearance on "La Femme Nikita", playing a dedicated police detective who stumbles into more than he bargained for in pursuit of a serial killer. However, he was a hit with the show's fans, and so LFN made the decision to bring him back in a recurring role for the series' fifth and final season. The episodes began airing in the U.S. in January 2001. Stephen has also been seen in the hit Nicholas Cage/Angelina Jolie film "Gone in 60 Seconds".

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Counterstrike Luke Brenner 1990 Action
Race to Mars Mission Controller 2007 -
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Modern Girls 1986 Comedy
Talking Walls Paul 1987 Drama
Casual Sex? 1988 Comedy
American Gothic Paul 1988 Horror
Murder One Wayne Coleman 1988 Drama
Damned River Ray 1989 Action, Adventure
Still Life: The Fine Art of Murder Teddy Bullock 1990 Thriller
A River Runs Through It Neal Burns 1992 Drama
April One David Maltby 1994 Thriller
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde 1995 Comedy, Horror, Romance
Deceptions II: Edge of Deception Lieutenant Nick Gentry 1995 Thriller, Drama
The Wrong Woman 1995 Thriller
Rude Yankee 1996 Crime, Drama
Vivid 1997
Frozen with Fear Jack Mize 2001 Crime, Mystery, Thriller
The Stepfather 2009 Game Show, Reality Tv
Territories Rick Brautigan 2010 Horror, Thriller