Steve Moulton Biography

Birthday: 1979-07-04
Place of Birth: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Height: 6' 5" (1.96 m)
Wiki Biography: Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and partially raised in Rochester, New Hampshire and its surrounding areas, Steve moved back to the Harrisburg area at the age of 5 where he went on to attend the likes of Lemoyne Middle School and Cedar Cliff High School, where he was proficient in art, writing, hanging out, being in rock bands, making people laugh, eating a hearty lunch, and very little else. At 11, Steve began studying martial arts by joining Min's Karate in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. At 14, he started training in Pai Lum Kung Fu at the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center and decided Pai Lum would be his style of choice. He still practices by himself, as he can't find a Pai Lum school in Los Angeles. After graduating high school and working full time in a book warehouse for just over one year, Steve decided to go to college in late 1999, due mostly to a lack of interaction with hot girls in his daily routine. While flipping through the course catalog of Harrisburg Area Community College, Steve saw that he could major in Theatre and Performing Arts and decided to give it a shot. It has so far ranked among the top 5 best decisions he's ever made. After being cast in over a dozen plays and three movies during just his first two years as an actor, he decided to move to Los Angeles to see if he could become a big fish in a much bigger pond.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Steam Cloud Rising Muttonchops Davis 2004 Drama, History
Atlanta Jeremy 2004 Drama
High Road Liquor Store Clerk 2012 Comedy
Waking Mark 2013 Drama, Fantasy, Romance