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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Beeldverhaal Ned Walker 2011
Ray Donovan Avi 2013 Action
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Scarface Manny Ribera 1983 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Thief of Hearts 1985 Drama, Thriller, Crime
Sword of Gideon Avner 1986 0, 0
Running Scared Det. Frank Sigliano 1986 Action, Comedy, Crime
Wildfire Frank 1988 Drama
The Beast of War Khan Taj 1988 Drama, History
Gleaming the Cube 1989 Action, Drama, Mystery
A Climate for Killing Paul McGraw 1991 Drama
Raising Cain Jack Dante 1992 Crime, Drama, Horror
Snapdragon 1993
Woman of Desire Jonathan Ashby / Ted Ashby 1994 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Primal Fear 1996
Raven William 1996 0
Navajo Blues Nick Epps / John Cole 1996 Action
The Blackout Mickey's Studio Actor 1997 Drama
Wild Side Tony 1997 Action, Thriller
Body Count Vinnie Rizzo 1997 Action, Thriller
The Versace Murder FBI Agent John Jacoby 1998 Crime, Drama
Naked Lies Kevin Dowd 1998 Action, Crime, Drama
Kickboxing Academy Carl 1999 Action, Comedy, Sport
Rave Antonio 2000 Drama
For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story 2000 Drama, Music
Glory Glory Jack 2001 Action
Forever Lulu Lou 2001 Comedy, Romance
El grito Ibarra 2002 Thriller
King of Texas 2002 Drama
Malevolent Greg Pruitt 2002 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Masked and Anonymous 2003
Nola 2003 0
Raptor Island 2004 Action, Adventure, Horror
Pit Fighter 2005 0, 0
Boss of Bosses Vito Genovese 2005 Crime, Drama
La fiesta del chivo Juan José Viñas 2006 Drama
The Last Sentinel 2007
Kings of South Beach 2007 Drama
Dead Lenny Lenny Long 2007 Comedy
Ladrones y mentirosos Oscar 2007 Drama
Dark World Rick 2008 Thriller
Hitters Anonymous Theodore Swan 2008 Comedy
Mutants Marcus Santiago 2008 Action
Camouflage Bobby 2009 Drama, Thriller
Charlie Valentine Ferucci 2009 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Enemies Among Us Senator Edmonds 2010 Action, Drama, Thriller
One in the Gun Arthur 2010 Thriller
Promises Detective Stevens 2010 Drama
Bulletface Ned Walker 2010 Thriller
Fast Lane Lt. Baynes 2010 Action, Drama
Shadows in Paradise Agent Stubbs 2010 Action
From Mexico with Love 2010 Action, Drama
A Numbers Game Neal Black 2010 Comedy
Zenitram Frank Ramírez 2010 Comedy
Special Ops Caine 2010 Action, Thriller
The Last Gamble Steven 2011 Drama
Pimp Bullies Mr. watson 2011 Action, Crime, Thriller
Driving by Braille Rudolf Corso 2011 Drama
Boyle Heights Tino 2011 Action
Joshua Tree Jefferey 2011 Action
Session Jake Tellman 2011 Drama
Mommy & Me Brad Johnson 2011 Comedy
Delsin Himself 2011 Action
For the Love of Money Hector 2012 Action, Crime, Drama
ATypical Love Brad Johnson 2012 Comedy
Suicide Dolls Hank 2012 Drama
Showstopper Detective Vinnie Randall 2012 Mystery
Gothic Assassins VOX 2012 Action, Drama
Awakened Lucas Drake 2013 Drama, Mystery
Sweet Lorraine Lou 2013 Comedy, Drama, Sport
Day of Redemption Jeffrey cambell 2013 Action
Last I Heard P.O. Ramirez 2013 0
Garbage Steven 2013 0, 0
A Dark Truth Tony Green 2013 Action, Thriller
Counterpunch Tomas 2013 Action, Biography, Drama
Sins Expiation Williams 2013 Thriller
Real Gangsters Big Nick Salens 2013 Crime, Drama
Chavez Cage of Glory Jose 2013
Five Thirteen Esteban 2013 Drama
On Painted Wings Andre 2014 Drama
The Lookalike Frank 2014 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Killing Frisco Esteban 2014 Comedy
Knuckleheads Manny 2015 Drama